Facilities and Logistics Support

Facilities Operations Management division provides operations and maintenance, base operations support, and facility support services for managing complex facilities and government buildings…

Meeting & Conference Management

We specialize in collaborative event planning and conference management services for the US Federal Government. Our primary objective s to create an engaging environment for our clients, letting our…

Scientific Support

With our experience and knowledge in scientific support, we are fully equipped to oversee and manage research programs for any federal government need. Through our experts in various fields…

Information Technology Services

Our continuously-expanding portfolio of information management services sets up to handle the needs of any customer, from database development to cyber security. With the rising demand of …

Management Consulting Services

SSI management consulting services leave our clients with the most efficient solutions to optimizing operations, improving performance, becoming more receptive to change, and much more …


SSI is a reliable supplier of Scientific and Medical equipment to the US Federal Government agencies for over a decade. SSI is a GSA contract holder for over 7 years and represents many leading …

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